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Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery

Thanks to Brixton Brewery!

The local neighbourhood brewery brought the taste of Brixton to our inaugural day and night celebration with a signature craft beer selection inspired by South London.

Started by two couples who met in a local pub and bonded over their love of beer and their hometown, Brixton Brewery has been bringing the taste of Brixton to thirsty Londoners since 2013. We are very much looking forward to the guys joining us on 28 April.

We are partnering with perhaps the newest Brixton institution, Brixton Brewery for Brixton Disco Festival 2018. Guests can quaff one of their six signature craft beers, including their flagship Electric IPA brew (a nod to Electric Avenue, the beating heart of Brixton, and legendary local son David Bowie), whilst enjoying the wide variety of offerings at the festival.

Brixton Brewery are proud to be supporting a local community event. Started by two couples who met in a local pub and bonded over their love of beer and their hometown, Brixton Brewery has been bringing the taste of Brixton to thirsty Londoners since 2013.

On the partnership Jez Galaun, co-founder of the Brixton Brewery, says: "We can't wait to get our glitter on for the Brixton Disco Festival. We're so excited to be the sponsor of such a big event. The festival brings together so many things that we love about Brixton, the music, the creative energy, local people and businesses having a great idea and working together to make it happen. This area has been so supportive of us as a small family-run business. As our beers become more widely available, we never want to stop celebrating our home."

Matt Braddock, co-founder of Brixton Disco Festival, agrees - "We have for the last 4 years been huge fans of Brixton Brewery, from our visits to the taproom it's clear that a lot of heart and soul goes in to everything they do, from the quality of the brew through to the delightful branding. It's a big honour to have the guys on board!"

Brixton Brewery is one of London’s established craft breweries, making beer in the heart of one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods. We were founded in 2013 by two local couples, Jez and Libby and Mike and Xochitl, but our shared passion for beer started years before that, when we met in the old Hive Bar (now Craft Beer Co. Brixton), and bonded over newborn babies, and a dream of opening a brewery. We reckoned that every great neighbourhood deserves a great brewery, and we wanted to bring one to Brixton.

The beer

Our beer is hand crafted in small batches. We draw on traditional techniques, flavours and ingredients, with a dash of bold New World flair for distinctiveness. We look to America and Europe for inspiration but we’re rooted in our very British appreciation of ale.

All of our brews are unfiltered and unpasteurised for maximum flavour and freshness. Our core range is best characterised by bitterness, balanced by rich maltiness and rounded out with hop aromas and flavours. We love experimenting with big, interesting flavours, but we’re always seeking balance.

We source our ingredients locally and further afield from suppliers who share our commitment to quality. Our limited edition Effra Ale was brewed using hops grown less than a kilometre from our door by Brixton’s Urban Hop Growers. Our Lavarush Stout uses local roaster Volcano Coffee Works’s fair trade beans for added kick. We teamed up with award-winning chef Tim Anderson to produce Market Saison using ingredients from Brixton Market.

The ethos

We’re a family-run community business. Pretty much no one escapes lending a hand. Visiting houseguests and even the kids and the grandparents pitch in bottling, labelling, scrubbing equipment and lifting heavy things.